Frequently Asked Questions


Purchasing Watches

Do you buy vintage watches?

Yes, we buy vintage Patek Philippe, Cartier and other select brands.

Will you help me price my vintage watch?

If we are interested in your watch, we will certainly help you get an idea of the value. We do not provide valuations for insurance or legal purposes though.

What is the process if I want to sell you my watch?

  • To sell your watch, send us clear, quality pictures of the face, sides, back, bracelet (if applicable) and any paperwork, boxes, etc.
  • Let us know your asking price.
  • If we both agree that we are interested, you’ll need to ship the watch to us for inspection. We will guide through this process, but please note that we won’t purchase a watch without fully inspecting it. 
  • If we decline to purchase your watch, we'll ship it back fully insured via UPS or FedEx.

If Patek Monger doesn't buy my watch, should I sell it myself?

You can, but selling independently may pose authenticity concerns for buyers. Patek Monger guarantees the authenticity of all watches, and therefore, we are a trusted reseller in consumers eyes.

Servicing Watches


Should I insure the package when sending my watch for service or inspection?

Yes, you should! We can guide you through the steps to ensure a safe process, but you should check with your homeowners insurance to see if your watch is covered, AND you should purchase insurance through the shipping company. Please note that Patek Monger is NOT responsible for any watches lost or stolen in transit.

Who inspects and services watches on Patek Monger?

Our in-house watchmakers have decades of experience. They specialize  in Patek Philippe, Cartier, and other prestigious Swiss brands. If we don’t feel your watch can be repaired or serviced, or if we feel our team isn’t qualified for the repair, we will let you know upfront. 

What is considered ‘Vintage’ in watches? 

When it comes to Patek Philippe,  we define vintage as the period in time when classic watchmaking skills were utilized and handmade watch cases were created by master case makers in Switzerland.  In addition to the use of the older style, slower beat movements just before 1985, right about when Mr. Philippe Stern took over the company.

Watches For Sale


How do I know the watches on Patek Monger are authentic?

Patek Monger is owned by Patek Philippe expert who was the longest tenured dealer of Patek Philippe for over 40 years. We fully inspect all watches that we own or sell and we fully guarantee authenticity.

Do all watches have serial numbers?

Patek Philippe watches have unique Reference, Movement, and Case numbers, creating a 'Triple Signed' watch.

What is a Patek Philippe Extract From The Archives?

An ‘Extract’ is a document provided by Patek Phillipe that provides you with the information kept by Patek Phillippe on all of their watches from 1839. Learn about it here.

What's your opinion on online platforms like 1stDibs, Chrono24, and eBay?

If they guarantee authenticity, purchasing is generally safe. But if you don’t have an expert to discuss your purchase with, it can be tricky. Also, keep in mind that there are generally additional fees incurred by some of these platforms to buy and sell.

Do you own all the watches on Patek Monger, or are you a broker?

Generally speaking, we own and have in our inventory most watches listed on our website. Occasionally, we broker watches for sellers and buyers, but will notify you if that’s the case. 

What should I expect if I purchase a watch from Patek Monger?

We strive to make your buying experience the absolute best! After agreeing to purchase a watch, and after we receive payment, we carefully package your watch and ship it out within one business day. We use UPS or FedEx, and fully insure the package. After receiving your watch, if you aren't completely satisfied  - call us immediately so that we can discuss the situation. We stand behind every watch we sell!

If I purchase a watch from Patek Monger, how do I pay? 

Patek Monger accepts credit cards, bank wire transfer, Zelle, or certified check. Depending on the specific watch and price, some additional fees may apply if you choose to pay by credit card and depending on where it is being shipped.

How much does shipping cost?

If you purchase a watch from Patek Monger and pay via a wire/money transfer (not Credit Card) we will ship your watch to you with insurance in 2 days in the US. Unfortunately, for credit card purchases, our system determines the price for shipping and insurance. In most cases, this cost is approximately $350-$1,500 (but can be as high as $50,000). Contact us for International shipping costs.

What if I’m just not satisfied and I need a refund?

While we pride ourselves on working with each of our customers personally to determine the best watch for them, we understand that some things change immediately after a purchase. As a policy, we do have a 10% restocking fee in these cases. 

Do you buy, sell, and ship internationally?

We will ship to most European countries. Confirm your location with us for specific details or to discuss any unique shipping needs or concerns.

How expensive are the watches on Patek Monger?

Specializing in vintage Patek Philippe and top brands, prices usually range from $10,000 to $300,000 USD.

Why buy from Patek Monger?

1. Exceptional service and expertise.

2. All watches are authenticated personally by the Patek Monger.

3. Satisfaction guarantee within the first 3 days of purchase, and a 1 year warranty on all watches sold by us.

Are vintage Patek Philippe watches water-resistant?

In most cases, vintage Patek Phillippe watches are NOT water resistant. There have been models that Patek has built as water resistant, but generally speaking, vintage models were primarily for dress wear and therefore not built for water or heavy use.  Check individual descriptions of each watch details; but we generally recommend considering all vintage watches as NOT water-resistant.